so Dull


So Dull offers a fine contrast from the rest of the Glass Cactus catalogue as the poppy power-ballad. It’s a wild, emotional tune straight from the Glass Cactus heart, or whatever circulatory pump a cactus has. Take a listen and we hope you dig it!


As Glass Cactus’ 2nd single recorded with Nixon Boyd of Hollerado, Bedpost is the story of a toxic relationship and the lengths one person will go through in order to let go. At its core, the song is about how people act in a harmful situation, regardless of what the circumstances might be.


“Anastasia” is the first single from Glass Cactus following up their 2015 album “This Morning Would Suck(s) Without You”. They started to work on new material shortly after their debut release, returning to the studio mid-2017 with producer Nixon Boyd of Hollerado. “Anastasia” is a laid back but hard hitting alt-rock tune that tells the story of a man perpetually tormented and conflicted by his love interest. Confident that he despises her, he ultimately concedes to the reality that he will always return to and endure the relationship despite the misery. This song delivers contemptuous verses, heavy soaring choruses, and passionate interludes with a charming bitterness and authenticity that speaks to the human condition.